Interior Design Of Luxury Villa

Modern luxury villa‘s interior design is also a very important thing that you need to consider because it will determine the beauty of your villa.

So how to have beautiful interior design. The following article will help you gain more knowledge for your perfect home design.

1. Interior Villa Design For Living Room

Referring to the living room, the first impression is the TV shelf. If the decoration in the home is modern minimalist, it is possible to arrange a large flat-screen TV. At the same time, you can choose the design of low or wall mounted shelves, beautiful shelves combined with luxurious TV.


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>>>Interior Design Of Modern Villa

The living room is the face of the whole house, so the requirements for it are beautiful, luxurious, eye-catching, must show the class, the style of the host, as well as to ensure There is enough coziness and intimacy.

Tea table can be placed in the center or in front of or next to the sofa. In addition, you can combine the decoration with a set of teapot, wine, lights and small flower pots. You can even choose a glass table, small tea table with wheels and a rug underneath.

How to make your living room stand out:

  • There must be harmony with the exterior
  • There must be a contrast, creating an overwhelming effect
  • Should add trees to help the party open, fresh
  • Designed with feng shui

2.Interior Interior Design For Kitchen

Usually, in the kitchen, kitchen cabinets are often used to be classified into cupboards, cupboards, and floor-standing cabinets. The large volume of standing cupboards creates fairly large storage space and allows for plenty of items.

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>>Interior Design Classic Villa

Hanging cabinets will be suitable for relatively light-weight cookware such as dishes, cups, chopsticks, fragile items placed high above to keep out of reach of children. Floor-mounted cabinets, if used regularly, are placed under kitchen cabinets

Must direct the kitchen space to the comfort, elegance, comfort. The kitchen area in the villa must be delicate, elegant, but also spacious, airy and friendly, the kitchen can incorporate some more modern, comfortable appliances. The interior of the villa kitchen and shared dining room creates an interactive space between family members in the shared meal.

Things to avoid when designing kitchen space

  • Should avoid facing the bedroom door.
  • Should not be placed near the toilet.
  • Do not put near the door.
  • Should be arranged in a deep position in the house

3. Interior Design Villa For The Bedroom

The bedroom is a private space, but it is also impossible to let everything be disorganized freely. Should be designed and arranged according to personal preferences, harmoniously combined with the interior, feng shui rules, creating a space suitable for users, ensuring aesthetics as well as creating a sense of letter. relax and safe.

Thiết Kế Nội Thất Biệt Thự Cho Phòng Ngủ

Unlike the living room, the bedroom does not need a large area, this is the resting place after hours of hard-working every day. Therefore, the bedroom needs to create comfort to always feel comfortable and comfortable when entering the room.

The design and arrangement of bedroom furniture must be very reasonable and harmonious to create the calmest and relaxing space.

The interior design of the villa in addition to paying attention to the objects in the room, the design of the house also needs to pay attention to a number of other natural factors. These natural factors include the direction of the house towards the person, the direction of sunlight, the direction of the wind, or the direction of the front door.

Points to note when designing bedroom furniture

  • The bedroom does not need to be too large to avoid feeling overwhelmed
  • Focus on arranging the interior furniture
  • Compact and tidy interior
  • Harmonic and soothing colors
  • Do not leave trees in the bedroom

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