Interior Design Of Modern Villa

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Among the current villa interior design trends, modern villa interior design is one of the current design trends, which is a very popular choice. A villa designed in a modern style can still become a quiet place, evoking exquisite beauty, comfort and comfort.

1.Modern Interior Design Trends

Modern interior design suitable for small apartments and large villas, the modern beauty creates a special and sophisticated living space. Requires simplicity and youthfulness in living space design. By properly coordinating lighting, using colors and balanced shapes, the modern design of the villa always gives homeowners a strong impression of sophistication, comfort, and attraction.

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When choosing to design a modern-style villa, you have also reduced a lot of costs compared to classical villas, so that does not mean that it is not monumental and luxurious, and that it has an outstanding beauty. not quiet, it is suitable for the dynamic and bustling society today.

Modern villa interior design applies flat surfaces and modern furniture to highlight. It can be said that the villa is a larger space than a tube house or a normal house. Therefore, when you want to design a beautiful modern villa, it is necessary to clearly distribute between public and private spaces. In particular, the public space is the place for many people including the lobby, gym, common living room, book room, garden …

2.Interior Villa Design For Living Room

The living room in the villa interior design has the main function of welcoming guests and entertaining the family. This space is characterized by high aesthetics and spacious and airy, so there is a view of the garden to expand the eyes when we entertain there, avoiding eye strain. The living room usually has a large area depending on the mansion when designing.

Nội Thất Biệt Thự Hiện Đại Cho Phòng Khách

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The lobby in the villa is an indispensable space, this is a place to welcome guests and a place for objects such as shoes, hats … A lobby room needs to be moderate, not too large, suitable for the total. general.

Interior design of modern villa living room rewards using dark tones as the main. Designing simple sofas, not fussy about details, bringing comfort and balance to the design of the living room. The sofa is selected quite flexibly, with a large opening, large and firm shape evokes a sense of security and stability. The living room space is surrounded by four hard walls that have been completely changed, instead of an open design with transparent tempered glass and a design of natural stone veins.

 Living Room Furniture:

  • Sofa
  • TV shelf
  • Liquor cabinet
  • Decorated living room cabinets
  • Tea table
  • Curtains
  • Lights

3. Interior Design Of Modern Villa For Kitchen Room

The most striking feature of the interior design of this modern villa is the bold and new change in dining table design. The design of the dining table is outstanding and attracts the eyes by the modern and extremely new. Spacious dining space suitable for both large family parties. The design of the adjacent modern kitchen does not create partitions to help homeowners more convenient to move and create open space.

Nội Thất Biệt Thự Hện Đại Cho Phòng BếpKitchen cabinets are not designed too complicated or sophisticated with details, instead of minimalist details, emphasizing the performance of the kitchen. Large paintings or light-focused designs are the main attraction of this design, showing modernity and not losing aesthetics and performance.

Kitchen Room Furniture:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Fridge
  • Kitchen dining table
  • Chair

4. Interior Design Modern Villa For The Bedroom

Bedroom is one of the spaces that always receives the most attention in the house. Understand that this is a place for family members to regain energy after a long day at work, so should take care of every little corner of the room to create an ideal relaxing space.

Nội Thất Biệt Thự Hiện Đại Cho Phòng NgủThe distribution of the bedroom and closet furniture is subdivided by a flexible barrier. Not a hard wall or rough details but instead are clear, specific dividing designs that increase the comfort for space. The rough monochrome wall is completely replaced by the designs using simple and novel patterned wallpaper. Natural light is still a special highlight to help bring excitement to this space.

Main Bedroom Furniture:

  • Bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Makeup table
  • TV shelf
  • Lamp
  • Window
  • Curtains
  • Desk


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