Classic Villa Interior Design

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Villa interior design with the classical style is always the first choice of giants who prefer ancient and lavish beauty. To create an impressive classical villa requires expertise, deep understanding to create a classic villa design that is standardized and inherits the quintessence of humanity.

1.Villa Interior Design

  • Using high-quality material.

The classical villa design must be splendor, elegance, and luxury, so when designing the villa interior requires the use of materials to really class. The materials used also require commensurate with its architecture.

Priority is made of leather, wood, and marble, which are carefully and meticulously crafted to bring a shine to space, expressing the homeowner’s level.

  • Color expresses elegance – class

Usually, with interior design classic villas use only two colors cream and white. In addition to expressing elegance, the classic interior loves dark tones such as black, red or gray, moss, because this is a unique color of the aristocracy.

  • Exquisitely in the pattern – texture

The finesse in the motifs is the highlight of the architectural design of the classic villa. The color of materials and patterns is the highlight to create the softness and lightness for the classical villa interior.

Intricate patterns are very popular in detail decoration, decorative ceilings, arches, wall pillars, threaded lines. And the furniture is used for sofa, bed, cupboard, curtain.

  • Interior lighting in classical style

To illuminate the room in a classic style, often used crystal chandeliers, lamps made of transparent stone or glass.

  • Fabrics and its use in classic furnishings

Damask, satin, silk – these are the main fabrics used in decorating rooms with classic style.

Decorative windows, usually choose the kind of velvet curtains and fine silk thick curtains. Interior curtains are often decorated with frills and laces. The floor is covered with handmade carpets.

  • Furniture in the classic style

Use precious wood, upholstery and natural leather. Furniture is always handy, comfortable, comfortable. Often polished wooden furniture makes the space airy and the furniture looks very charming..

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2.Classical Interior Design Of Living Room In The Villa

The classic interior design of the living room is sometimes a lot easier than the other rooms of the house. The reason is that the living room is usually the most spacious room in the house. This room is also easier to provide natural light.Nội Thất Biệt Thự Cổ Điển Phòng Khách

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Decorated with a brass clock, glass vases, crystals, or glassware sets, elegant chandeliers with gilded details and crystal lamps adorn the living room’s true interior. The floor lamp will further accentuate the room.

3.Interior Design Classic Villa Kitchen Room

Classic style kitchens need maximum “disguise” of household appliances or kitchen utensils. Gas stove, refrigerator, kitchen lid must be hidden in a delicate and aesthetic way.

Nội Thất Biệt Thự Cổ Điển Phòng BếpPractical, comfortable and practical kitchen. Colors of furniture are rich. From light cream to dark brown. Furniture inlaid and carved is used for decoration. Kitchen cabinets should be decorated with gold-plated or brass-styled handles.

4. Design

The main element of the bedroom is the bed. It defines the shape and style of the rest of the interior. A large wooden bed, a nightstand, dresser, wardrobe, chair. All the furniture features a round shape with smooth lines.

Nội Thất Biệt Thự Cổ Điển Phòng Ngủ


Besides the nightlight with a fabric lampshade, made of the same material as the upholstery, the lights attached to the bedside table will make the atmosphere cozy.

The bedroom will look more complete and beautiful if the wallpaper and fabric are decorated with the same pattern.

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