Principles of Office Interior Design

A smart business is always aware of the importance of office furniture design for efficiency and profitability.

Therefore, one of the keys to the success of many businesses starts with building a beautiful and efficient working environment.

What do you think about this suggestion? We do not come from any baseless assessment, we summarize these from the opinions of countless renowned experts and investors. If you are also looking for a new direction for breakthrough change or perfect start-up for the success of the business, do not ignore this.

For now, we will help you learn the principles of office interior design not to be missed. Here are the first things we think you need to do to prepare for your change.

I. The role of office interior design

In recent years, new office interior designs  have become popular and popular. In the past, workplace design was primarily service and responsive to the required functions of the job. As long as this is a safe space to complete the work, the design has stopped. However, in the current context, interior design in the office is focused on people who find the intimate connection of the design with the results of work.

Beautiful professional office furniture that creates the image and brand of the company. That is how to make a mark for customers and create credibility with their carefulness and seriousness. Moreover, the scientific office design also inspires employees to work, this is one of the ways to make the most of available resources and resources.

II. Principles of office interior design

1. The principle of rational space allocation, making use of the area

First note in the office furniture design that needs to focus on is the allocation of space. A good space-based on a thorough study of the layout plan. Spatial optimization includes optimization of area, utilization, the arrangement of the coherent traffic system, and the connection between components.

In addition, the ground design plan needs to ensure certain flexibility to match the long-term development plan of the business.

2. Principles of office interior design with light alignment

In the arrangement of the lighting system, the first thing is to pay attention to installing light sources around everyone’s workspace, so there is a homogeneity and a connection, so that the lighting mode is moderate according to the specified standards, should not be too dark bath or too bright causing dazzle, dispersed unevenly affecting vision.

3. The harmonious color scheme in the design of office furniture

Color elements are considered as extremely important elements in the design. The harmonious and rational distribution of colors brings a beautiful interior design and a positive impact on the mood of the workers.

Do not use too much and the colors are vibrant and outstanding. Should use neutral neutral colors such as white, blue, gray and reduce the single point by choosing the necessary accents.

4. Principles of interior design office branding through design details

Part of the purpose of the office interior design is to show the professionalism, class as well as the position of the company, affirming the image and brand that is built up by an organization, to bring confidence. Ideal and comfortable for each customer and partner when coming to the office.

To bring a perfect office interior design work, you need to pay attention to the standards of interior use and exterior image, decorative items, design colors, brand logos … must bearing the specific and unique characteristics without being confused or popular, this has a profound meaning in clearly identifying the brand of the business.

Especially, the image element and decor decoration also contribute greatly to expressing the message, vision, and mission that the company wants to convey to the viewers.

5. Using smart, modern and smart furniture

Using smart furniture in the current office interior design is the principle as well as the optimal solution for a professional and scientific working environment. Designs such as smart seats that move with wheels, easily change the height of the posture, or a modular desk will greatly improve work productivity. Moreover, smart furniture has a compact and fashionable design, it does not take up too much space but really makes space become impressive and beautiful.

6. Create an office with green space

The interior design of the green office is a new trend but really necessary. This trend soon became the principle for beautiful and positive office interior design. With modern life, having a natural space to enjoy is almost a “luxury” for many employees who have worked for 8 hours in the office.

Meanwhile, nature is an excellent remedy for a refreshing spirit, a fresh and peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, trees are fully utilized free space put in. You can think of green space designs such as shelving, shelving, bookshelves integrated pots,…

7. Principles of office interior design bring the most convenient and comfortable design

Office utilities are quite new to business owners, they just think about creating a working environment that is good enough for employees without thinking about creating a utility space. responsiveness to entertainment needs, fast eating will improve the spirit of the quality and performance of employees. This principle is applied a lot in foreign businesses because of its effectiveness and is gradually being applied by smart business owners in Vietnam.

Breakthrough spaces are different areas, work areas, where employees often relax, rest, bite, and in some cases take a quick nap or reduce stress with the iPod. The best place to deploy groundbreaking spaces is usually near lunchrooms or stairs, and away from areas where customers go.

As noted: The resting space is not a place where employees can charge batteries that promote creativity and innovation. This is a promising space worth investing in and waiting for the results.

8. Do not miss the unique creative office style

Unique creative office style is one of those principles that are hard to apply but particularly impressive and refreshing. The downside of a unique creative office is the limitation of its ability to meet the coherent and flexible work, new things are often attractive and distracting.

But this is a special way to impress a brand, so many businesses still want to apply this principle in their designs. To solve this problem, do not be too greedy in the design process, choose positive points and take care of it to make sure this is the most unique point.

Clear allocations and accurate, realistic calculations will help you get the right creative office.

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9. Principles of the interior design of office building an open working environment

An open work environment provides common areas of activity adjacent to group areas. There is a large ‘central’ collaboration to encourage unintended group communication and interaction, which reduces the likelihood of a particular group being unintentionally isolated by the physical separation that many offices and closed walls have. can introduce.

Rough and unnecessarily rough walls should be broken down, you can replace it with thin partitions or toughened glass if really needed for private space.

10. Let the sunshine in!

One of the main principles of modern office design is actually quite ancient: let some sunlight! There are many reasons to make this principle a smart thing. The first is natural light that illuminates a much wider color spectrum, which helps reduce eye strain and can make your employees more alert – this not only helps them feel better but also increases productivity and reduces errors. .

Moreover, using natural light is of course “free”. Considering that utility costs only tend to increase but not decrease, natural light can be an excellent long-term investment. You can create more ventilation doors and use large tempered glass windows.

11. Plan your expenses as specifically as possible

An issue not to be missed in interior design principles is cost estimation. The fact that you have a specific plan to help you be more active in choosing the right design in parallel with it is also a way for you to guide the design of architects. This will make the workflow faster and easier.

12. Select reputable interior design and construction unit

The last rule we want to send to you is that you have to be really alert in choosing interior design and construction company. Be sure to choose a truly reputable professional unit. If you can not do this, then almost trying to refer and prepare the above principles will be meaningless.

The design unit will help you paint your dream, the construction unit will be the one who will realize that dream. So how to hand the unit is very important.

One of the most reputable and professional interior design and construction companies is S-HOUSE. With years of experience, nationwide development scale.

S-House is a perfect line that takes the initiative from the supply of materials (tempered glass, wallpaper, artificial stone, natural stone, high-class imported wood, An Cuong industrial wood …) to production. Export furniture, followed by design with a highly specialized design department and finally the construction stage with a team of skilled and responsible staff.

Just looking for a unit, you can get from A to Z what is needed for a beautiful design and high applicability. So you can see this is one of the good ideas for you.

III. Why should design office furniture according to the principles

We set out the principles of office interior design with the purpose of suggesting to customers about the direction when customers decide to design their business furniture. All are only relative, but the most specific calculation possible by the architects with many years of experience we synthesize and send to customers.

Whether you follow these principles or not depends on your needs and industry characteristics. However, you should try to apply more or less the principles we outlined above to:
– To ensure the use of space so that spaces are provided effectively.
– To ensure the job brings the best work results.
– To be able to provide a comfortable working environment that brings satisfaction.
– To create better links and solidarity between employees, between leaders and employees thereby bringing a long-term commitment to the company.

Providing useful information to customers is the first task of those who convey ideas like us at S-House. Hopefully, the rigor in office interior design principles that we bring will bring positive effects to customers.

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