First of all, our S-HOUSE Joint Stock Company wish our customers good health, success, and happiness. We are really grateful for your support, caring, and using our services and products.

S-HOUSE was established on September 6th, 2017 by a team of creative and passionate architects. After more than 2 years of operation, we are seeking continuously the talents of design and construction to provide our customers with the best experiences, outstanding projects and bring aesthetic value for our beloved Vietnam.

Providing best services for the customers is the priority of our operation from the design to the construction. Our architects always take care of each small part in design to create the perfect final products.

In order to bring satisfaction to the house owner, our active staffs always work hard to ensure the highest quality of services. We try to work with our client directly to understand and follow up all the requirements for the ideal design and efficiency cost savings.


  1. Design

Design construction planning, architectural design, interior design works.

Structural design of civil and industrial projects.

Designing water supply and drainage for civil and industrial projects.

  1. Construction

Exterior construction of civil and industrial construction works.

Interior construction of civil and industrial construction works.

Package construction, “Giving your key”

  1. Monitoring

Monitoring of construction and completion of civil and industrial projects, technical infrastructure works

  1. Verification and appraisal

Make the estimation of civil and industrial construction works.

Prepare and appraise technical documents for civil and industrial construction works.